2015 Update with Dark Matter and Neutrino Astronomy

Just uploaded the 2015 update to my “How far away is it” YouTube channel. This one highlights Dark Matter. 2015 marked the Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, they published a number of spectacular images. We’ll see:

• Caverns carved out of dust by a new star in the Orion Nebula

• The Veil Nebula move

• Through the Eagle Nebula

• A spectacular view of the center of our galaxy

• Andromeda galaxy disk details like we’ve never seen them before

• A lonely galaxy on the edge of our Local Void

• Hanny’s Voorwerp one of the strangest objects ever seen

We’ll also update Gaia’s progress, and take a look at Laniakea – a new way to identify superclusters. Plus, the LHC at CERN reopened in 2015 after a two year upgrade. Both CERN and Hubble touched on Dark Matter over the past year, so we’ll examine the evidence for Dark Matter (Coma Cluster, Bullet Cluster, Gravitational Lensing, Fritz Zwicky, Vera Rubin, galaxy curves, etc.) and discuss a few of the possibilities for what this mysterious material might be (hydrogen, WIMPS, Neutrinos).

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