2015 Update

Here’s the 2015 update.

2015 marked the Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, they published a number of spectacular images. We’ll see:

  • Caverns carved out of dust by a new star in the Orion Nebula
  • The Veil Nebula move
  • Through the Eagle Nebula
  • A spectacular view of the center of our galaxy
  • Andromeda galaxy disk details like we’ve never seen them before
  • A lonely galaxy on the edge of our Local Void
  • Hanny’s Voorwerp one of the strangest objects ever seen

We’ll also update Gaia’s progress, and take a look at Laniakea – a new way to identify superclusters.

The LHC at CERN reopened in 2015 after a two year upgrade.

Both CERN and Hubble touched on Dark Matter over the past year, so we’ll examine the evidence for Dark Matter and discuss a few of the possibilities for what this mysterious material might be.

I trust you’ll find it interesting and informative.

We’ll begin inside the Milky Way.