2017 Update

2017 was another very interesting year with a number of firsts. We detected our first asteroid from another star; a Type 1a Supernova companion survivor; a star collapse into a black hole without a supernova; a gravitationally lensed Type 1a Supernova; a non-elliptical early dead galaxy; colliding neutron stars; and visual confirmation of a gravitational wave.

Inside the Solar System we have:

  • Jupiter picture
  • Water vents on Europa

In and around the Milky Way we have:

  • Gaia’s view of the LMC
  • A type 1a survivor
  • A runaway star in the Orion Nebula
  • A dark matter study in the Sculptor dwarf galaxy
  • Zwicky Transient Facility first light

Beyond the galaxy:

  • Gravitationally lensed Type 1a Supernova
  • A number of colliding galaxies
  • An early dead galaxy with a twist
  • Lots of new pictures of distant galaxy clusters

Plus a deeper look at Gamma-Ray Bursts and the gravitational wave from colliding neutron stars.