how far away is it logo without name no backgroundThis is the final segment in the How Far Away Is It video book. It covers the source material used for all the segments of the book. The opening section goes into the most important sources. These are sources students interested in learning more should visit. There is far more available than can be put into a 5 hour video book.

The two books that guided this effort were Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen’s “Wonders of the Universe”, and George Abell’s “Exploration of the Universe”. The first is a great source for everyone. The second is for people who want to get serious about astronomy.

Here are the most important websites:

NASA/Hubble Website           ESA/Hubble Website                             Chandra Website                                 Spitzer Website

JPL / CalTech                       Goddard Space Flight Center             European Space Agency                   ESO VLT Website

Hubble Legacy Archive         James Web Space Telescope               Herschel Space Observatory           Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Georgia State University –  Department of Physics