small Voyagers at the Termination ShockIn this segment of our video book, we cover the Sentinels of the Heliosphere fleet; the distance to the edge of our Sun’s solar wind; and the Aurora Borealis.

We start by defining the limits of the Sun’s influence, including the Termination Shock, Heliopause or Heliosheath, and Bow Shock. The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 progress are reviewed.

Next, we cover the near-Earth fleet of satellites Hinode, RHESSI, TRACE, and FAST; the Magnetosphere satellites Cluster 1 through 4 plus Geotail; the Sun observers Stereo A and Stereo B; the solar wind observers orbiting Lagrange Point 1 – ACE, Wind, and SOHO; and back to the Magnetosphere with THEMIS A through E; and back again to Voyager 1 and 2. We conclude with a look at the big November 2011 solar storm observed by Stereo.small red aurora

We then cover the nature of the aurora Borealis and aurora Australis. This includes the Bohr atomic model where we explain the quantum jumps in high altitude Oxygen atoms that create photons.

Next we review of the Solar System distances we have covered in this and the previous segments.

small Pale_Blue_Dot_by_errno_xWe conclude the Solar System chapter of our video book with Carl Sagan’s “Pail blue dot” speech with spectacular views of Earth as the backdrop.