Quantum Mechanics Classroom Aids

The Microscopic

The Microscopic Introduction     Light Microscopes     Young Double Slit Experiment     Electromagnetic Radiation     Planck’s Constant     Wave-Particle Duality     Electron Microscopes

The Atom

The Thomson Atom            Rutherford Scattering            The Rutherford Atom            The Bohr Atom            The de Broglie Atom            Schrodinger’s Equation               Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle               Hydrogen Atom               Pauli Exclusion Principle          Stern-Gerlach Electron Spin Experiment     Neutrons and the Nucleus     Particle Size Summery

Elementary Particles

Elementary Particles Introduction      Cosmic Rays     Electrons and Protons     Positrons and Anti-Matter     Particle Pair Creation     Muons Pions and Kaons     Beta Radiation and the Neutrino     Particle Accelerators     Probing Protons to find Quarks     Hadrons     Lambda Xi and Omega particles     Leptons vs Hadrons     Fermions vs Bosons     Standard Model Foundations

The Higgs Boson

Force Fields Introduction          Force Fields          Matter Fields          Quantum Electrodynamics QED     Strong Force Gluons     Quantum Chromodynamics QCD     Weak Force W and Z Bosons     Standard Model of Particle Physics     Elementary Particle Mass     Higgs Field     CERN Large Hadron Collider LHC     Higgs Boson Found     Planck Length