Relativity Classroom Aids

The Speed of Light

Land speed records               The Speed of Sound               Air and Space speed records               Galilean transformations                      Fizeau measures the speed of light          Michelson Interferometer          Michelson Morley experiment

Special Relativity

Special Relativity introduction          Time dilation          Space contraction          Adding velocities          Mass-energy and momentum     Simultaneity lost          Special Relativity postulates          Space-Time Minkowski Space          Twin Paradox

General Relativity I – Geometry

Equivalence Principle          Inertial vs Gravitational Mass          Absolute vs Relative Space and Time          Non-Euclidean Geometry     Measuring Geodesics          Riemannian Curvature Tensor          Einstein Field Equations

General Relativity II – Effects

Testing General Relativity     Mercury’s Orbit          Bending Light          Gravitational Lensing          Light Cone Tipping          Gravitational Time Dilation     Pound Rebka Experiment          Twin Paradox Resolved

Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves Introduction          Gravitational Wave Geometry          Coalescing Binary Star Systems     Coalescing Neutron Stars          Coalescing Black Holes          Hulse-Taylor Pulsar              Strain Gauge         LIGO Interferometer              GW150914              GW150914 Sky Location