Virgo Supercluster

small Earth's_Location_in_the_Universe Virgo SuperclusterIn this segment of our “How far away is it” video book, we cover our local supercluster, the Virgo Supercluster.

We begin with a description of the size, content and structure of the supercluster, including the formation of galaxy clusters and galaxy clouds. We then take a look at some of the galaxies in the Virgo Supercluster including: NGC 4314 with small D = 00069 Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300

At this point, we have enough distant galaxies to formulate Hubble’s Law and calculate Hubble’s Red Shift constant. From a distance laddersmall D = 00050 Starburst Galaxy NGC 3310

Then we continue with galaxy gazing: NGC 1427A, NGC 3982, NGC 1300, NGC 5584, the dusty NGC 1316, NGC 4639, NGC 4319, NGC 3021 with is large number of Cepheid variables, NGC 3370, NGC 1309, and 7049.

We end with a review of the distance ladder now that Red Shift has been added.