Two Year Milestone


My “How far away is it” YouTube channel is now two years old. It contains two video books: “How far away is it” and “How small is it”. The third video book “How fast is it” on relativity theory will be added later this year. The channel has thousands of subscribers and is approaching 1 million hits. So I thought it was a good time to start blogging.

The website is designed for educators who teach modern science from middle school through high school. It is also helpful for teaching physics to non-science majors at the college level. I built it for both in classroom viewing and home schooling.

I am gratified to see educators from around the world accessing the site and downloading the documents and lesson plans as well as using the concept index. Just recently I have seen educators from: Finland; Palatine, Illinois; Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria; Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina; Brooklyn, New York; Noordwijk, Zuid-holland, Netherlands; Sandanski, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria; Ashburn, Virginia; Dallas, Texas; and Dublin, Ireland. I assume that they are all satisfied. But without feedback, I cannot be sure.

I am very interested in the opinion of teachers who have used my material in class or in a home schooling environment. Are the lesson plans useful? If not, what improvements would help? Are the quizzes too easy or too hard or too long or too short? Do you use the full videos or do you prefer the concept index for shorter video watching? Your ideas can help me improve the product.


David Butler

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One comment on “Two Year Milestone
  1. Norma Mejia says:

    Thank God For David Butler!
    Old and new library books, you tube lectures, documentaries, all these these I checked over and over hoping to get a comprehensive understanding of what you, with your organized simple way just taught me in a few hours. The big awesome puzzle finally makes sense.

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