Lesson Plans

how far away is it logo smallHere are the lesson plans for each segment of each video book.  .doc files are available for download so teachers can easily make any changes desired for classroom purposes. Your feedback is requested.

How Fast Is It

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The Speed of Light Lesson Plan                  The Speed of Light Lesson Plan

Special Relativity Lesson Plan                     Special Relativity Lesson Plan

General Relativity I Lesson Plan                  General Relativity I Lesson Plan

General Relativity II Lesson Plan                 General Relativity II Lesson Plan

How Small Is It

The Microscopic Lesson                                 The Microscopic Lesson Plan

The Atom Lesson Plan                                    The Atom Lesson Plan

Elementary Particles Lesson Plan                  Elementary Particles Lesson Plan

The Higgs Boson Lesson Plan                       The Higgs Boson Lesson Plan

How Far Away Is It

The Earth Lesson Plan                                       The Earth Lesson Plan

The Solar System Lesson Plan                           The Solar System Lesson Plan

The Heliosphere Lesson Plan                             The Heliosphere Lesson Plan

Nearby Stars Lesson Plan                                   Nearby Stars Lesson Plan

Distant Stars Lesson Plan                                   Distant Stars Lesson Plan

Planetary Nebula Lesson Plan                            Planetary Nebula Lesson Plan

Star Clusters and Supernova Lesson Plan         Star Clusters and Supernova Lesson Plan

Star Birth Nebula Lesson Plan                            Star Birth Nebula Lesson Plan

The Milky Way Lesson Plan                                The Milky Way Lesson Plan

Andromeda and the Local Group Lesson Plan   Andromeda and the Local Group Lesson Plan

The Local Galaxy Volume Lesson Plan              The Local Galaxy Volume Lesson Plan

The Virgo Supercluster Lesson Plan                  The Virgo Supercluster Lesson Plan

Local Superclusters Lesson Plan                        Local Superclusters Lesson Plan

Colliding Galaxies Lesson Plan                           Colliding Galaxies Lesson Plan

The Cosmos Lesson Plan                                   The Cosmos Lesson Plan