Here are the documents for each segment of each video book. Each document contains the video’s text, notes, equations  and music. Additional information on various topics is also provided.

How Old Is It

How Old Is It – Preface           Big Bang Cosmology Fundamentals

Big Bang ΛCDM Cosmology              Credits and Research

How Fast Is It

Preface          The Speed of Light                        Special Relativity

General Relativity I – Geometry                General Relativity II – Effects

Gravitational Waves       Credits and Research

How Small Is It

Preface     The Microscopic

The Atom  Elemetary Particles      The Higgs Boson


How Far Away Is It

how far away is it logo small


Chapter 1 – The Solar System

The Earth     The Solar System       Comets and the Heliosphere

 Chapter 2 – The Milky Way

Nearby Stars           Distant Stars           Planetary Nebula

Star Clusters and Supernova       Star Birth Nebula          The Milky Way

 Chapter 3 – The Cosmos

Andromeda and the Local Group       The Local Galaxy Volume

The Virgo Supercluster           Local Superclusters

Colliding Galaxies              The Cosmos


Credits – Research

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